Student Writing Samples

The Bitter Sweetness of Learning

to Write Academic English:

An Anthology of ESL Students’ Essays


Jim Hu, Ph.D.




Thompson Rivers University


 Part A – MLA Style

Omiai by Yasko Ishimaru

Thai Wedding Ceremony by Chatnapa Sottitat

Mysterious Chinese Astrology by Fiona Han

Dragon Boat Festival by Zhiliang Xu

Forensic Science and Crime by Queenie Lai

Cross Cultural Nonverbal Communication by Chatnapa Sottitat

Japanese Educational System Problems by Yasko Ishimaru

Legalization of Euthanasia by Yasko Ishimaru

Nonverbal Communication by Yuya Tsuruta

Use of Guns by Students in Mexican Schools by Fabiola Almazan

Side Effects of Plastic Surgery by Shunping Xu

Part B – APA Style

The Behavior of Ants by Machiko Osawa

The Desert Dwellers by Muaad Al-Shaibani

Domestic Violence by Dayana

Deforestation by Jay Hu

Canadian Steel by Kuang


Part C

The Declining Life Quality in Venezuela by Diego Davice

Factors of the IMF Crisis by

Crazy Canadian Teenagers by S.M.R. Kabir

Crow Panic in Tokyo by Machiko Osawa

Agriculture System in Bangladesh by S.M.R. Kabir

Chinese Traditional Wedding Ceremony by Maggie Xie

The Mid-Autumn Festival by Grace Zhang

Chinese New Year by Angelina Yuan

Corpse Driving by Xiaomei Zhang

The Posadas by Almazan Duarte Fabiola

Maple Syrup by Sylvie Danis

High University Tuition in China by Sha Liang

Should Life Be Sustained Artificially by Sharon Zhang

My Precious Moment by Anonymous

Traditional Japanese New Year by Yuya Tsuruta

Lessons Learned the Hard Way by Saori Iwakawa

August 17 by Davey Permana

Unintentional Academic Dishonesty by Andy Do